Receive payments

from around the world

Get paid from international clients with just a few clicks

Perks of using

Linkstar Wallet


No hidden fees

Get charged for as low as 2.5%


No complicated structure

Your client can pay using their debit/credit card


Easy withdrawal

Withdraw the amount easily in to your local bank account

Criteria to receive international payments:

  • Create a Linkstar Pro account
  • Add your bank details & CNIC
  • Enable stripe on your Linkstar landing page

Follow these five simple steps to receive international payments:

  • 1. Open payments & select stripe
  • 2. Add your bank account details
  • 3. To enable payments select build Linkstar
  • 4. Scroll down to the pricing section
  • 5. Select stripe, add the button title, & publish

Here’s what else you get if you sign up for Linkstar PRO

Custom domain

Access to opportunities

Masterclasses by experts